Full Service Film Production and Animation.
Made in Berlin. By Hamsters.

New Service | Foodscapes

We are proud to announce a new creative service: we design unique and exciting miniature worlds
and capture them as cinematic ads, social media content or other motion picture content.

Our Job: Concept, Preproduction, Production and Postproduction

Online Event | Humanistischer Verband

Due to the pandemic, the live event with over 8.000 participants moved online. We developed an exciting visual style and storytelling format to match.

Our Job: Concept, Preproduction, Production and Postproduction

PSA | Behind the Grid

Together with director Anastasja Black we produced this PSA, which is being used by a number of NGO to raise awareness of dog adoption programs.

Our Job: Preproduction, Production and VFX

Commercial Spot | Soundbrenner

With this emotional spot, director Barney Sykes expressed his vision for what artists can accomplish by using Soundbrenner.

Our Job: Concept, Casting, Preproduction, Production and Postproduction

B2B Animation | eSome

This fully 3D animated B2B video was produced for an e-marketing branch of ProSiebenSat.1

Our Job: Concept, Direction, Production

Mini Documentary | Ador Group

The Ador Group of India has a long and proud company & family history. This short documentary animation pays tribute to that history.

Our Job: Concept, Animation

Casefilm | Buddybrand

Their creative campaign for showing what the Microsoft Surface tablet can do for artists, was showcased by us in this Casefilm.

Our Job: Concept, Production, Animation

Re:publica is one of the most influencial conferences for the digital economy and entrepreneurs. They entrusted us with the design and execution of all live stage projections and the production of their trailers.

Our Job: Concept, Production, Animation